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Something Familiar by spiderweber
Something Familiar
How the Eight Legged Freaks scene SHOULD have gone. with no intrusion from the pesky guy character. Look out Sam Parker... you're next. lol. XD


Finally... After all this time... Sorry I've been away for who knows how long. right now I'm about a week from graduating, so life and other stuff have had to come first. but within my spare time I was able to work a bit more on this picture bit by bit until finally I was happy with it. The webbing on this picture was just the worst to do. XD Don't expect to see a lot of webbing pictures like this, despite how nice it looks. Anyhow, I hope to possibly get some more pictures done after graduation is all said and done, along with some commissions I still have yet to complete. Hope you like this picture.
Saban Mermaid by spiderweber
Saban Mermaid
Something I did recently. it's been such a long time since I've done any mermaid peril. So here's Marina from the 1991 Adventures of the Little Mermaid TV show. I really like the way the shading came out on this picture. though I do question how a perfectly formed spiderweb found itself underwater. XD oh well, who needs logic right? XD
Thundercats H- Oh-No!
Long overdue commission for :iconsjd83: of his Thundercat Fan characters Leona and Nemera. Looks like the two of them found themselves in Petra's web. Oh well, at least they'll be nice and comfy. Since I had to colour it, i had to come up with a new colour scheme for Petra. I think it looks nice, not often that I get to draw darker skinned characters, so i thought it'd be a nice change for her design. hope you all like it. :)
Rachel Muffet was a beautiful young woman. Native to the islands of Hawaii on her mother’s side, the young girl could usually be found walking the beaches and sunbathing herself in the hot pacific sun.

Today was no different. She casually walked through the dense tropical jungle, towel slung over her shoulder. She wore nothing but a sexy yellow bikini, patterned with orange floral patterns. Her curly brown hair bobbed with every step she took.

As she pushed aside a large palm, a smile came over her face at the sight of the secluded alcove. It was her secret spot. a place tourists never really traveled, due to it’s small size, but it was perfect for her.

Rachel laid out her towel, and pressed her body against it, her back taking it the warm sunlight as she looked over the crystal blue waters of her paradise. She smiled as she slowly closed her eyes, her mind taking in the almost hypnotic rushing of the waves as they crashed to the shore. Slowly, the sound overtook her, and she started to doze, unaware of the new intruder on her hideaway.

Disturbed by the sudden entrance of the girl, a creature hidden high in the treetops awoke from a trance-like sleep. It lifted itself up on it’s eight long legs, its hard exoskeleton creaking at the joints. it looked to the floor below, it’s multiple pairs of eyes locking upon the girl’s golden skin. It’s fangs rubbed together as a single thought came over it’s mind… “dinner.”

The massive spider crept from its hiding place, trailing behind it a thick, sticky thread as it began to silently, and carefully start to weave its trap. Up and down it would go,, traveling back into the canopy before descending to the floor and anchoring another silken line.

Although massive the spider was merely about the size of a large cat, and would be at a disadvantage to fighting it’s prey on the ground. it was a trap setter, a far easier and less risky way that trying to fight its opponent head on.

Slowly, the spider’s web began to form, spokes stretching out between trees right behind the girl, blocking her escape route into the jungle, just as the spider had planned.

It began to circle around the spokes, weaving a sticky spiral that connected it’s webs into a large net. It stepped carefully, placing baseball sized droplets of sticky glue along it’s web, causing them to glisten like diamonds in the sun. fortunately for the spider, the threads of the web were nearly invisible, the only clue of it’s existence the slight glimmer of the sun as it reflected off the sticky silk.

The spider was ready now. It climbed back into the trees overhead, and made it’s way to the girl. slowly it lowered itself on a silken thread, giving the branches over her a shake to alert her of its presence. The spider began to wave its legs in a frightening display as it showed off it’s red spots upon it’s carapace.

Rachel let out a soft grunt as she slowly came out of her nap, hearing a strange creaking sound from above her. “Great…” She thought to herself, “And here I thought this beach was a secret only to myself.”

She rolled herself over, ready to shout at the new intruder, but was stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes went wide, and her jaw dropped in fear at the hideous sight of the red and black spider dropping right for her.

Rachel’s voice caught in her throat, her lip quivering as she tried to make sense of what was going on. Her heart began to race, and her mind kicked into overdrive.

Before it could get any closer, the young woman sprung to her feet, avoiding the mandibles of the spider as she sprint headlong into the jungle.

Her escape was short lived as she ran right into the invisible net.

She let out a yelp, her voice finally returning as she felt herself be forced back by the sticky wall. It wobbled like a trampoline, but much to Rachel’s dismay, the glue held fast, sticking to her bare skin, and entangling her arms and legs.

She pulled and grunt, trying desperate to free herself from whatever she had fallen into, but it only made the situation worse. As she fought the web would entangle her further. More and more threads began to twist themselves around the girl’s arms and legs. It was then that Rachel began to realize her predicament.

She let out a shrill scream as her mind finally pieced together what had happened… and where she was. She had been caught, tricked into running right into the spider’s web. This was its dinner plate, and she was the main course.

She pleaded and cried as she tried to twist herself free. Her eyes were wet with tears, and her body glistening with sweat from her exertion, but try as she might, the web would not let go.

The spider, its plan having been a success, made its way back to the web. It looked to see the girl writhing about helplessly, unable to break free from her bindings. If it could’ve laughed, the spider might have at the girl’s whimpering.

It crawled along the web, it’s fangs glistening with venom as it closed in on her.

Rachel looked up and saw the spider approaching and let out another yell. her hands bat at the air, causing the spider to back off. It knew it wouldn’t take long for her to tire.

The spider reared back, it’s hind legs reaching for its spinnerets and tossing out entangling threads. the thread wafted in the air, being dragged across it’s prey as she continued to fight. The more Rachel thrashed, the more the threads began to tie her down, until eventually, she was stick in place, her arms and legs barely able to move. She cried as she tugged at her fist, causing the strands to creak like ropes, but it was no use.

The spider moved in again, and delivered its kiss, giving her a nip on the arm.

Rachel let out a loud yell as the fangs pierced her skin. The pain quickly subsided, replaced by a numb, tingling sensation. Her breathing became heavy as the numbness continued through her arm, slowly overtaking her body.

Her head felt heavy, and her thoughts began to cloud. She hadn’t felt this way since her high school partying days. Her head was swimming as the venom took hold. Her body went limp in the web, and her voice slowly died into small whimpers and grunts.

The spider prod at her form, testing for any fight left in her, but her body only swayed with its touch. It lowered itself onto her, it’s legs pressing against her soft body.

Rachel could feel as it walked along her back, and down to her feet. she could feel everything, but she was unable to fight back.

The spider pulled at it’s abdomen, it’s hind legs weaving forth a wide sheet of transparent webbing which it pulled over the girl’s red, painted toes. It grabbed her far leg, and pulled them together as the silk sheet wound around them both, sealing her feet together. It continued to weave, it’s legs going end over end as it pulled forth the sheet, slowly layering the silk around its catch. The spider continued up her leg, the silk winding over her legs, and coating it in a shimmering shroud. It backtracked, moving up and down between her knees and feet, the silk thickening around her until it turned white, hiding most of her skin’s color.

Rachel leaded with her body to move, but it would not respond, only managing a small twitch every so often. The sticky silk began to cool, and tighten around her legs, puling them even closer together as the spider moved upward, wrapping over her thighs.

The spider did not skimp on her form. It’s silk hugged her every curve, wrapping over her rump and around her waist, tightening into an opaque white dress around her lower body. It made it’s way along the web, snipping the silk lines that kept her tethered in place until she was dangling, suspended by just a few threads that hung above her.

Slowly, she began to turn as the spider began to rotate her body. her arms slowly folded into her body, forced to her from by the tension of the strands. her right arm pressed across her chest, sealing her hand to her right shoulder, and her left arm slowly moved down to her side, flopping limply to her thigh.

The spider made another pass, wrapping her hand flush with her thigh and coating it until it was shrouded in white as it build up her cocoon higher and higher. Her navel vanished beneath the sticky white material, and soon her arm was wrapped over her chest, covering over the once proud girl’s yellow and orange Bikini top. The cocoon grew higher still, wrapping over her shoulders. her whole body was wrapped, trapped within a silken prison.

Rachel watched as the spider moved closer to her face, her fear growing ever stronger as she felt the hair being wrapped to her neck. the silk rose over her mouth, sealing her soft red lips. She looked to the outside world, taking in the last sight of the beautiful scenery of her home as the spider wrapped it’s silk over her eyes and head. The vivid world around her quickly began to haze, until all she could see was white.

The spider made another quick pass, ensuring the quality of its work. All that remained was a stunning white silhouette of the beautiful girl against the green of the forest.

After completing the capture of its prey, the spider snipped away the rest of its web, and tethered her to its abdomen as it climbed high into the canopy. the spider hung its catch, still alive, yet paralyzed, to swing like a pendulum in the breeze. it laid back down, tired from the ordeal, but at least when it awoke next… it would have a delicious meal to eat.
Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that there's an art theif on DA that just recently popped up. here's a link to their Gallery and all the copywrited artworks they've stolen.…

Please notify the mods, and have this guy removed. So far I'll provide a list of artists which he's stolen from.

Nikki Kantaka
And myself

Thank you to :iconiaryn: for notifying me about this.


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