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Hey there everyone. Sorry I'm a tad late getting started tonight. I'll be drawing and doing some fun pictures for commissions and Halloween perhaps. XD Hope you all can make it. just follow the link below. Adults only stream. you have been warned.
The jungle air that surrounded Rachel was the muggiest she had ever felt. her sweat from the day’s trek clung to her body, unable to even evaporate in the mist filled environment. she sighed as she tailed behind her group, wiping her forehead with the back of her arm. 

“A lot good that did...” She said to herself as she brushed back her long red hair. She fanned herself with her safari hat, desperately hoping for any sort of relief. She swat at the back of her neck, a resounding slap echoing as her palm smashed another mosquito. That was the worst... Everywhere the group went there were bugs, bugs and more bugs. 

The young college student cursed under her breath. She knew this archaeology research trip was going to be rough, but this was impossible. She kept to herself, watching as the group trudged on ahead just in her sight. Her legs were weak, and her body was aching. How much longer was it going to take? she dreaded spending another night out in the middle of nowhere.

The group ahead of her, her classmates stopped as the guild held up his arm, halting them in their tracks. Rachel paused as well, wondering why the group had stopped. 

“H-Hey, what’s going...” Rachel’s words stopped mid-sentence as she heard what the group was hearing. a strange groaning sound slowly grew larger, followed by strange, cracking noises. The guide turned around, turning to the source of the disturbance. His eyes grew wide, and he pointed upwards, shouting out in terror to Rachel.

Rachel glanced up, just in time to see a massive widow maker branch falling from the giant jungle tree above. Rachel screamed out, and lunged backwards as the boat length branch crashed to the floor. it hit with so much force upon the heavily rooted floor, that it opened a pit.

Rachel was stunned at the sight of the branch, sinking into the cave opening it had uncovered just beneath her. She let out a sigh, her hand resting on her chest. She had been unharmed. 

The group all started to bolt forward as Rachel stood up. The looks on their faces that of panic.
“Guys I’m alright! I’m al...” Rachel was unable to finish her sentences as the floor beneath her gave way. The roots that had once supported her had been compromised by the falling branch.

Rachel let out a yelp as she fell from the ground above, landing on the wet slippery slope into the cavern. She screamed out as she slid deeper and deeper into the hole, hearing the sound of her classmates calling her name getting more and more distant. She braced herself for the inevitable crash to the bottom of the cave, when to her surprise it sloped off, gradually allowing her to come to a halt in the deep dark of the pit.

She took a moment, her heart racing as her hands clung to the loose pebbles that lay around her. She had survived... somehow she managed to make it out with only minimal scratches and bruises. after a moment, she lifted herself up, the cave easily high enough to stand up in. she turned back to the slope, and called out. “Hello? Can you hear me up there?”

There was no response. She grit her teeth, and started to move back up the slope, hoping that maybe she could climb herself back out, but her grip slipped on the still moist rocks, and she slid back down.

“Shit... what am I going to do? I have to get out of here!” She said, panicking a little as she looked around, trying to see in the dark of the cave. She reached into her bag, and pulled forth a lighter. she flicked it, causing a small spark to flash, illuminating the dark walls for only a second before dissipating. She tried again, with no luck. “Waterproof my ass!” She said as she flicked the lighter a few more times, to the same conclusion. 

She growled as she made her way to the wall, holding herself up against it. It surprised her that
even this far into the earth, the massive trees overhead had its roots still dangling sapping the moisture caught in these caves.

She started to walk forward, taking soft easy steps, and testing the ground. She used the small flash of the lighter’s sparks to guide herself as much as she could.

“This cave has got to let out somewhere... right?” She asked as she followed the cave system, moving along at a rather slow pace.

As she walked, a bit of hair fell to her face, causing her to spit and wipe it away with her hand. “Oh come on... Isn’t this annoying enough as it is?” She asked as she wiped away a few more strands from her face, not noticing how they clung to her fingers.

As she rounded a corner, her frown turned to a smile as the cave finally started to lighten enough that she could faintly see. “I’ve got to be close to an entrance...” She said, walking along the narrow path. she looked overhead, and saw the faint bits of sunlight peering in through a mesh of roots. 

“This whole jungle is a deathtrap. How many of these crevices have we been walking over?” She asked herself. Another hair pressed to her face, causing her to groan out as she reached to grab it. As she did, however, her hand ran through a strange mesh of material. It clung to her limbs with a strange glue, and there was so much of it, it couldn’t have been her hair. she held up her arm to look, and saw glistening white strands coating her entire arm, weaving back and forth like a net over her limb. 

“Wh... What the heck is this stuff?” She asked, reaching to grab it with her free arm.” As she did, she was surprised to find it too met with resistance as it was coated in the material.

Rachel flicked her wrists, trying her hardest to throw off whatever disgusting material had coated her arms, but they only accumulated more and more.

Panic started to take hold as she began to twist and spin about, trying to fight through whatever material lay ahead. More began to cover her body, the strands growing thicker and thicker the further she pushed through.

It only took a matter of seconds for her progression to come to a grinding halt. She continued to thrash, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't budge another inch. She was stuck.

She grunt as she writhed about, trying to break free but it was no use. The strands creaked in response to being stretched but held firm.

“Oh god... Oh GOD! What do I do?!” She cried out. She thought for a moment, and remembered the lighter in her hand. “If I can... just get it started one time... I can burn my way out!”

She flicked the lighter, causing the sparks to light up the area. That was a mistake... As she did, she saw  her surroundings. A massive mesh of webs that covered the cave. But... that wasn't the worst of it.

Her struggling and fighting sent vibrations all through the web, alerting their owners of something stumbling through. At first they had left her be, she was far too strong and mobile, but now... they sensed she was stuck, unable to free herself. When she lit up the lighter... she saw dozens of large black spiders the size of her head descending from above. They looked at her with their beady black eyes as they crawled along the web, plucking at the strands to test her entrapment.

Rachel let out a scream, and in her panic dropped the lighter from her hand. It clinked as it fell to the rock surface below, bouncing away from her.

Rachel's struggles renewed as she fought for her life, kicking and screaming, calling for help so loudly that her throat became sore. The more she fought, the worse her predicament became. Soon the sheer amount of webs had lifted her off the ground, leaving her suspended in the air, unable to even get a purchase on the floor below.

“No! No! No!” She shouted out as she kicked her legs helplessly in midair. As she fought, she felt a tickle on her hands. She looked over to see the black shadow of one of the spiders. Its legs moving in a circular motion from its abdomen to her hands. She pulled at her fingers and found them stuck together. Her heart skipped a beat. They were already starting to wrap her!

The spiders stayed a distance away , keeping out of range of Rachel's swatting hands and kicking legs as they threw line after line of silk over her limbs, entangling her further, and ensuring that she was trapped. More began to work on her legs, weaving over them.

The process was slow and tedious, but the spiders were slowly winning. As Rachel kicked, the spiders would lasso her leg, and tether it to the web, pulling her ankles closer and closer together. The same with her arms as they pulled her hand up over her head.

Rachel could do nothing as she felt her ankles lock together, and her wrists pull together into a silken cuff. She felt the spiders weave over her hands, sealing them into a single entity. Her fingers became useless as they were balled into fists and bound together. She pant from exhaustion, her body coated in sweat. Despite this, she continued to struggle, only able tor rock about at the hips, squirming like a worm on a hook.

It was then that she felt the first prodding of the spider's legs as they test her body. Assured of their safety the spiders tethered themselves to feet and hands, and began to circle her form. Others at her waist continued to lasso her gyrating hips, and restraining her movement further.

Slowly Rachel's body was being cocooned. The spider's weaved over her arms, braiding them with thick swatches of white silk. Over and over they wrapped, creating a second and third layer just to ensure she was well packaged and unable to rip herself free. They were so lucky to have had such a large meal stumble into their midst. Sometimes a fat lizard would fall in from above, and would feed a couple members of the colony, but this was unlike anything they had captured before.

Rachel whimpered, calling out feebly for help. She looked up as much as she could to see her arms over her head, bound now from the elbows to her hands within a glistening white shroud. Her legs fared no better as the cocoon grew to her thighs. She tugged on both, the silk only budging a slight bit before snapping back into shape.

A spider dropped onto the girl's head, causing her to let out a shrill shriek. She threw her head about, trying to knock it off, but the spider clung to her hair like it was its own web. It spat out a quick shot of webbing over her face, coating her lips.

“MMMMMPH!!!” Rachel yelled out through her new silken gag as the spider tossed more and more silk over her lips. It wrapped around her head, wrapping the gag not only over her lips, but binding her head to her uplifted arms. The tightness of the wrapping now making it impossible to twist her head.

The spiders continued their work, slowly wrapping down to her brow. She felt the spiders legs now walking across her face as she closed her eyes. The silk wrapping over them as she felt the disgusting feeling if their spinnerets on her face.

As they reached her neck, she opened her eyes to see the gauzy white sheet that had wound her so. There was no escape now. The spiders had cocooned all the was to her stomach, while simultaneously wrapping down to her breasts. They met in the middle, finally sealing her within.

The young beauty now stood strung up in the air, a white, wiggling mass resembling a shapely female figure.

The spiders spread over her body, gripping the form as they each began to bite, sinking their fangs into her form.

Rachel yelped and cried as she felt the tiny pinpricks all over her body, stinging her skin as they sunk in, each releasing a small dose of venom into her body. Rachel cried out, and thrashed. It took minutes of biting before she felt the effects of the venom. Her mind slowly began to drift almost as if drunk off the venom. Her body had long since stopped feeling the pain, and was instead replaced by the static numbness one would feel after sitting too long. Her eyes were heavy, and her breathing faint as the spiders continued to prepare their catch.

Slowly she closed her eyes, drifting into unconsciousness. The spiders crawled away, leaving the now limp form to marinate for dinner that night.
Jungle Air (vore warning)
Just something I wrote during the Hurricane that swept through today. A small warning to those who are a little sensative this story does not contain a happy ending. You have been warned. Anyhow, i hope you all enjoy it all the same. :)
As some of you know, and others do not, I live in Florida. Well, at the moment a large hurricane is supposed to make landfall right over where I live. this being the case there will not be any stream this Friday, and possibly for a while after, as I'm almost positive we will lose power for at least a week if not longer. Now... unfortunately this is best case scenario. There is a chance this storm will be devastating, and holds on my channel will last much longer. I will try to update in the coming few days to let everyone know that I'm alright, but to my commissioners, I apologize for delays, and hope you can understand the situation I'm in. Thank you all, and stay safe if you live anywhere in Florida, or along the East coast.
Hey there everyone. time once again for a stream of commissions and fun. :) I'll be doing some work on commissions again, and maybe a little something of my own if I can get to it. Hope to see you all there, Come on in and have some fun. :) Stream is +18 adult, just so you know.
Midnight Snack
While over at my friend's house, we got into doing some drawing. He requested a small something from me of a bit of sexy captivity with a character I drew back when we were roommates. He has quite the interest in fluffy attire, as do I, and a bit of soft Ryona as well. I figured... I might as well use a couple of my own old characters in this picture to make it extra sexy.

For this picture I did it all in traditional media. ink pens, markers, etc. It's been forever since I got a chance to sit down and draw in a notebook, and I liked how this came out.

Hope you all enjoy it. ;) I know it's a little different than what I usually do, but still quite nice. lol.
Hey there everyone. Sorry I'm a tad late getting started tonight. I'll be drawing and doing some fun pictures for commissions and Halloween perhaps. XD Hope you all can make it. just follow the link below. Adults only stream. you have been warned.


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