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Hey there everyone. going to be working on some commissions tonight if you'd like to come watch some fun drawings be made and hang out. Follow the link below, and say hello. :)
The Tale of Kallina Moon by spiderweber
The Tale of Kallina Moon
So... I've been working on a new project/commission for :iconazlaecxh421:, and as you can see... it's the first real comic I've ever really done. Not much to say about that, other than I did no realize how hard it is to draw comics. the image is so huge just to get all those tiny little details in there. XD I hope you all like it, and I'll also be posting a link to the NON-Text version below if you'd rather see it without the text. More to come, and I'm sure you'll all like what's in store for this lovely elf girl. ;) 

Non-text version-…
Hey there everyone. I'll be streaming some fun art tonight. I'll be merging my other artwork profile from FA with this one, so please play nice. XD Follow the link below if you'd like to see some fun arts being done.
Alina set her duffle bag on the floor as she walking in her house. the young, attractive redhead had decied to forgo changing out of her gymnastic leotard, as she was a bit shy about being naked in front of others. Her house was quiet, the only sound was the soft drone of her AC unit pumping air through her house.

She flicked the light switch, and something caught her attention. She paused a moment, her mind still trying to comprehend what she just saw… or rather thought she saw.

When the light turrned on, she thought for a moment she saw movement. a large black mass darting behind the wall to her hallway. She grabbed the closest thing she could, her old umbrella, and held it up like a baseball bat. Her bare feet hardly made a sounds as she slowly tiptoed toward the hall.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she neared the corner, her grip on the hande of the umbrella getting so tight that her knuckles lost their colour, turning a pale white. She grit her teeth and turned the corner, ready to swing…

Nothing… There was nothing there but an empty hallway…

She sighed in relief, a soft chuckle escaping her lips as she tossed the umbrella back toward the door, “Jeez, Alina… you’re getting paranoid…” She said to herself as she strolled carelessly toward her room.

Suddenly, her foot caught on something on the floor. A long, thick tripline was laid across her hallway, causing her to tumble to the ground, and land in a near invisible mesh of sticky threads.

“AHHHH!!!” She shouted as she tumbled into the mess, her limbs becoming entangled within the silky trap. “Wh-What the hell? What is this stuff?!” She shouted as she pulled and tugged her arms and legs.

The material pulled back, yanking her arms back to the floor, and snapping to strategically entangle her further and further. The more she fought, the worse the situation became. She rolled to her side, causing the mesh to pull up with her and wrap over her like a blanket. “Shit…” She cursed as her entire front became covered in the sheet of gluey material.

She pulled and tugged yet again, trying to tear the material, but it was much stronger than it looked. That’s when something on the ceiling quickly caught her attention.

Her fight came to a halt, and her lip quivered, her heart starting to race yet again as panic took over. There, clung to the ceiling on eight long legs, was a massive, brown spider. It was the size of a large dog. It sat silently, its eyes staring down from her as it clung prone to the ceiling.

Alina thought she was hallucinating for a moment. the strange material on the floor… the impossibly large spider… it had to be. Either that, or it was an extremely elaborate prank. but then the spider started to move.

It slowly repositioned its legs, its mandibles rubbing together as it stared down at her from overhead. it started to descend, its legs detaching its grips, and slowly lowering down on a line of silk.

Alina now knew what was happening. She was caught… caught in this abomination’s trap… and now… it was comign for her.

Her struggles double over, her arms and legs flailing about, trying desperately to throw off the web, but it was no use, she was far too entwined to escape.

“NO! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING! HELP! SOMEONE!” She screamed out, her throat hurting from the sheer volume of her voice.

The spider continued to drop, until if landed next to her. it backed off slightly, it’s front legs held high as it waited for its opportunity to strike. This prey was far larger and more dangerous than the rats and other small creatures it usually caught.

As the spider became accustomed to her movements, it seized its moment, grabbing hold of her legs, and pushing them to her chest, pinning her to the floor.

Alina gasped as she felt her body pressed into an akwrad pose, her back flattened to the floor, and her knees firmly planted near her chin. She tried to punch, but the spider had the advantage, and grabbed her arms, pulling them behind her. the webbing that wound around Alina stuck together, locking them in place, and leaving her all but defenseless.

The spider weaved forth a sheet of silk from its abdomen, pulling out the glistening material, and wrapping it behind Alina’s back. It worked slowly and carefully, its legs moving one over the other as it slowly rolled her around, gathering the web beneath her while it simultaneously wrapped her in new silk.

Alina continued to fight, despite her situation. she watched as the sheet of silk grew around her body, cocooning her. She rolled over and over, the shimmering material coating her like saran wrap.

What seemed like an eternity for Alina was merely ten minutes as the spider completed its final pass, the wrapping binding the redhead from her feet all the way to her neck, leaving her trapped in the fetal position. She tried one last time to call out, hoping someone… anyone would hear her, but her red painted lips were silenced but a sticky silken gag that slipped between her teeth and around her head. the spider had won…

It laid her on the floor, backing away as it watched her continue to struggle. it was useless… she was nothing more than a sack of meat squirming about. the sound of her muffled cries filled the hallway as she rocked back and forth, trying to kick her legs free of her silk prison.

The spider looked on. almost admiring his delicious looking catch. But it lasted merely a moment before it slowly closed in on her… It was dinnertime…
Hey there everyone. going to be working on some commissions tonight if you'd like to come watch some fun drawings be made and hang out. Follow the link below, and say hello. :)


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