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November 28, 2010
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Nov 27, 2010, 6:57:52 PM
Bug Island by spiderweber Bug Island by spiderweber
Sherrie and Katleen stepped off their small skift, and onto the island. It was a beautiful place to behold, but the two were not there for the scenery the two women were entomologists researching the strange occurences with the island's bug inhabitants. While searching the beach on an earlier expedition the two noticed rather large beetles about the size of their fists scurrying along the short catching small minnows. They had hit the jackpot. these could be a brand new species of insect that they discovered. The two had never been much farther than the beach, and wondered what else may live just beyond the treeline.
Sherrie made her way in first. The jungle was dense with massive trees and plants. it looked as if everything on this island was giant.
The two wondered why this place had never been charted before. Little did they know that their answer was soon to come.
Sherrie yelped as one of the plants snapped at her. It looked like a venus fly trap, only with leaves the size of a large dog.
"Whoa!" She cried as she stumbled backward. Kathleen reached to grab her, but missed. Sherrie braced herself as she fell down the side of a sheer drop of about thirty feet.
"Sherrie! Are you ok?!" Kathleen frantically yelled down to her friend. She couldn't see Sherrie at all through the foliage.
"y-yeah... I'm fine. Something broke my fall." Sherrie called back up.
"Wait for me. I'll be right down to help you." Kathleen pulled a length of rope from her sachel, and tied it to a rock. it seemed sturdy enough, as long as she didn't move too fast. She started to climb down.
"Wh-what was that?" Sherrie called out. "What's going on? I can't move! Kathleen! Come quick!"
Kathleen's eyes went wide. What had just happened? She called out to her friend, but there was no response. Again, and still nothing.
Frantic of what might have happened, she started to repel faster, not realizing her movement had started to wear at the rope.
A loud snap caught Kathleen's attention just as she fell. Her rope had broke.
In the same way as Sherrie had, she braced for impact. The fall was stopped by something thick and springy. As she hit it, it bounced up and down, though it would not let go.
"Sherrie!?! Where are you?" Katleen called as she tried to stand. She couldn't the material beneath her was like a glue trap. it held her tightly, and every movement made escape even less likely.
What was this stuff? If Kathleen didn't know any better she would've thought it was a giant spider web. But such a spider couldn't exist. it would be far too heavy to move.
Kathleen looked up, and her worst fears were realized. there, suspended by long threads was Sherrie wiggling about in a tightly wound cocoon. Her shapely figure highlighted by the white silk. On her thigh were a pair of pinpricks.
"Oh my god!" Kathleen cried out as she tried to reach her friend.
Just as she did though, she felt something tugging at her legs. She looks down to see a huge spider starting to wrap her feet with it's sticky webbing. Kathleen tried to kick it away, but the web entangled her.
the spider, sure it's prey had been caught crawled further onto her, and started to slowly spin her around. Kathleen had seen this done many times with the insects in the lab. It was cocooning her for it's next meal.
kathleen continued to cry out, but there was no one to hear her calls. Finally, after a few minutes her body was all but covered in the white shroud. the spider loomed over it's catch, as kathleen waited for her fate to come...
Quick pic. Quick story. Just a little something I whipped up earlier this week. i was going to post it Thanksgiving, but i never got the chance. I also felt like doing a little full mummification for those who seem to enjoy it. All in all, it's a good pic (especially since I did it in about half the time I normally would take). hehehe. hope you all like it. more to come soon. I have a few requests, as well as Christmas drawings. Yay Christmas!!! b ^w^ d
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thanks. this one's really old. XD
wiggle all u want sweetheart your spider food now!
Loved Sherrie's fully cocooned&wiggling body, almost as much as Kathleen's cocooned/webgagged body/face!
Mrtrainfreak12 Aug 10, 2012  Student Filmographer
Nice job on this :)

Love the story too :D
Mrtrainfreak12 Aug 10, 2012  Student Filmographer
Yeah no to mention it :)
I do not know if I like the idea of ​​her being devoured.
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