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November 5, 2010
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The warm Hawaiian breeze wafted through the trees at the Hanahuna Hotel and Luau. The night was just begining to dawn, and the luau was just getting started...

Not that it mattered to Alexia. She wasn't one for the whole paradise, rather, she was a non-social girl with a strange attire.Even though the temperature plateaued at nearly ninety degrees, Alexia wore a longsleeve, purple fishnet shirt that extended almost covering her hands. Overtop, she wore a tight latex corset, tied down tightly down the front with string, and attached to her neck by a collar piece. The corset also extended down into a miniskirt, that was almost too short. Underneath her short black, latex skirt she wore black pantyhose riddled with holes to cover her pale white legs. Her final accessory was the only thing that looked like it should've been worn on a hawaiian vacation; a purple flower, tucked into her short dyed blonde hair. The only reason she wore it, was because it was her favorite colour, nothing else.

Alexia  sighed. She wished she could be back home with her friends. Most people would kill to be in Hawaii, but she rather enjoyed the sounds of the bustling city from where she came.

Bored with the Luau, Alexia snuck off to be alone. She made her way through the dense jungle that led to the hotel, the Luau pit was located on a nearby beach, but the dimming light of the sun made it difficult to see the path.

Alexia wasn't concerned, she was sure she knew the way back. Alexia stepped through the foliage, cursing every step she took. The ground was covered in massive leaves, and vines that made distinguishing between the trail and the jungle difficult.

Things would soon get worse. As the sun dipped down, it left the jungle in pitch darkness. Alexia couldn't see the path right at her feet, and was completely unaware of the fork in the trail ahead.

Oblivious to the split, Alexia took the wrong path. She could still hear the Luau in full swing, but she couldn't see in what direction it was, nor could she see the hotel. Unbeknownst to her, she had taken the trail that passed right through a nature preserve. Only park rangers, and special guests were allowed to take a trek through these parts, so it was more or less unexplored territory.

Alexia stumbled over plants and roots, each step taking her farther away from civilization.

After almost ten minutes of walking, Alexia had had it. The hotel was still nowhere in sight, and she didn't feel she was getting any closer. She turned back around, ready to head back, and suffer the Luau, but when she did, she noticed that she could no longer hear, or see the Luau. She looked around, wondering if she had just turned the wrong way, but there was nothing. Alexia was lost.

She tried not to panic. It couldn't have been that far off. All she had to do was follow the trail back down to the beach.

Alexia looked down, and saw a problem. the trail she thought she was on was nowhere to be seen. She had been treking through nothing but pure jungle.

Alexia whimpered a bit, disoriented by her predicament. She looked around for any source of light, when suddenly she saw a small shimer through the bushes, then it was gone.

That was good enough for her. She bolted toward where the shimmer had come, until she reached a small opening. Alexia looked around, to see what had been shimmering before. The trees in this small opening were covered in some kind of stringy material. The material was obviously very strong, as it held the trees in place to create the opening.

Alexia reached out to one of the branches, and ran her fingers over the substance. It was soft to the touch, and a bit sticky. Alexia looked down at some of the substance still stuck to her fingers, and wondered what it was.

Suddenly, a strange sound caught her attention. A light clicking noise, like two rocks hitting one another, came from behind. Alexia looked around, a bit startled by the clicking. It came closer to her, getting a bit louder.

Alexia managed to whimper out a small "hello", when another sound erupted. A long hiss noise, followed by a shriek made Alexia's eyes go wide. She wasn't sure what made that noise, and she didn't want to find out.

She bolted out of the opening, running for her life, with the clicking sound behind her again. She ran as fast as she could, not caring whether or not she got herself more lost, as long as she got away from what was chasing her.

Her run came to a sudden stop, as Alexia ran headlong into a barrier. She thrashed about, her mind racing with fear, but the barrier held her tightly, and would not break down.

Five minutes passed, and Alexia's struggles quickly started to slow. The sound was no longer following her, so she was out of immediate danger.

Finally stopping her struggles, Alexia took a closer look at her situation. She pulled backwards, but found that she was stuck in place. Her right arm was bent at an angle and out to her side, while her left arm was stretched above her, entangled close to her head.

Alexia wiggled her arms. They were stuck tight. Her struggles while fighting to get away had entangled her deeply within what she thought must've been vines of some sort. The barrier was made of long thick cords just like regular vines, but something about these were different.

From what Alexia could feel on her skin, the vines were extremely sticky, and grew in an irregular spiral pattern supported by spokes that vanished into the trees. Alexia tried her legs, but they two were caught up in the mesh. Her toes barely touched the ground below, giving her little footing to pull herself out. Alexia was amazed that these vines, though thick, could support her weight without breaking. Unfortunately, this also meant that it would take some time to get free. Alexia again sighed, and started to work on her right arm, twisting it every way, testing to see how she could get free.

After a couple minutes, Alexia pulled her arm out of the mesh, or at least up to her elbow. The rest of her arm was far more difficult to free, but eventually, it came lose enough for her to move it. Little did Alex know that from the darkness, she was being watched; being observed so that when she tired, the creature could strike.

Alexia held her arm away from the web, so as not to entangle it again, and started on her other arm. She pulled back, pressing her torso deeper into the mesh as she slowly started to free her hand. Alexia panted with exhaustion. She was not used to putting this much effort into such a small task. She made a promise, that once this arm was free, she would take a break.

five minutes passed, and Alexia's arm was nearly free. She let it dangle away from the vines, and relaxed her acheing muscles.

The creature sat high in the treetops, one of it's limbs perched on its trap to test for vibrations. The wiggling was much less now, meaning that its prey was tiring. Now was its chance.

The creature slowly crept down toward the helpless girl, silently making its way across the trap. Alexia hadn't yet noticed. Her attention was held by the throbbing of her heartbeat in her arms. The creature chattered its mandables, making the clicking that Alexia had heard before.

Alexia snapped out of her daze as she heard the familiar sound of clicking, and this time it was right above her. She looked upward, and her mouth fell open in terror. A giant spider maybe five feet long was approaching her. That's when it dawned on Alexia. these weren't vines at all. Alexia had become trapped in a spider web, this spider's web.

She screamed out, and began to thrash wildly again, hoping her freed limbs would serve to get her out, but there was no such luck. Her arms stuck yet again to the web, and soon became even more entangled than before. She whimpered as she watched the spider coming toward her, but there was nothing she could do.

The spider felt the struggles of the girl returning. It needed to make its move now. The spider crawled down and quickly grabbed ahold of the struggling girl. The spider pinned the girl's arms to her side. Despite Alexia's struggles, it took little effort to keep her trapped in the spider's web. The spider climbed overtop the wiggling girl, covering her almost completely wit its own body. It's hind legs reached back to its abdomen, and it pulled out a long sticky sheet of webbing.

Alexia felt something wet and cold touch her feet. She wiggled her toes, to find that the material covering her feet fused them together, and stretched like glue. She tried to pull her feet apart, but the webbing only gave so much, before it sprung back to its original tightness.

She knew what was happening. Alexia had taken a Biology class a year before, and she remembered them talking about a spider's hunting method. The spider had already trapped its prey, Alexia, in its web, and now it was going to cocoon her to keep her from escaping, and to prepare her for dinner.

The spider wound the silk effortlessly around Alexia's legs, trapping them together in a white shroud. Alexia whimpered, pleading with the spider to let her go, but the spider had no compassion or understanding.It had only one thing on its mind.

The sticky silk rose around her thighs, and overtop her hands, pinning them perminately to her side. The spider released it's strong grip on the girl. Alexia tried to break her hands free to fight back, but the silk cocoon held her prisoner.

The spider began to cut away the webbing around Alexia, leaving her attached by only a couple threads by her head, and feet. Once cut free, the spider held her once again, spinning her around on the threads.The cocooning resumed, as the spider started to wrap her in more silk.

Alexia continued to struggle, though the constant spinning was making her dizzy. The spider's face continued to flash in and out of view, and Alexia's body continued to disappear beneath the shroud of white. She looked downat herself to see the her body was wrapped to just below her breasts. She had no chance of escaping on her own anymore.

The spider continued, it's spinerets spraying out more and more silk. It clicked its jaws yet again, knowing that its meal was soon to be ready.

Alexia's breasts disappeared beneath the webbing, and in a couple more rotations, all that remained was her head, sticking above her cocooned body. She wiggled yet again, but the form fitting cocoon barely allowed any movement.

Tears welled up in Alexia's eyes, as she made one final effort to scream for help. It was sort lived, and the sticky silk wound aorund her mouth, efficiantly gagging her. The spider made one final pass, and Alexia's cocooning was complete.

The spider snipped the white silhouette of the sexy young woman free, and carried her back into the trees. Alexia struggled, and whimpered through her gag, but it was useless. A sudden pin prick near Alexia's butt caused her to yelp in pain. her struggles became less and less as the venom started to paralyze her.

The spider wrapped a bit more silk on her, just to make sure the cocoon would hold, and strung her from the branches above. It crawled back down to its web to repair the damages as it waited for dinner to be ready.
This is just a story I wrote the other day while in a spell of writer's block. I had to write a report, but i couldn't think what to do, so I ended up writing this story first. And you know what? It actually worked. Anyhow, I figured that I'd post it here, since it fit with the whole theme of my DA. Unfortunately, this story does not have a picture to go with it. Why? Because I actually got this idea from a photograph of a girl fitting this description standing in front of a giant web (as if stuck to it), and with a jungle-y background. I know a lot of you watching don't really like the vore aspect of cocooning, but unfortunately for this girl, I'm afraid that's a real possibility, that is, unless someone saves her, and finds a way to stop the venom. Hey, spiders need to eat sometimes too.
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fonejackboy Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
Great story. 
spiderweber Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
thanks. :)
yemto Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you please write in the early descriptions something if this is safe or not. I just read the descriptions and going to lose sleep because of that. Oh well... time to bring out my mary-sue I have just for occasions like this.
spiderweber Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
srry about that. I did warn in the description that there may be vore.
yemto Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes you did, I did read it. But you didn't need to include but unfortunately for this girl, I'm afraid that's a real possibility which was the thing that got me scared...
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
um, just wondering how did you find this story? Why did you read this story? And why are you even spending time on complaining on this issue. If you don't like this sort of story, then don't read it. As a fellow webbing artist and writer I find it really sad when people question the vision of the artist. The story is even labeled as horror...
yemto Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't get me wrong. I love these kind of stories... But what is a mood killer for me is when the victim/prey getting killed of or trapped forever with no chance to escape. I didn't read the story, I'm not saying that the story is bad. I just read the description and thought it was unnecessary to say that "Its a real possibility." Just saying that it might contain vore would be enough.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I drew a comic and I also write stories of this nature where we both take a more realistic approach to the idea that spiders really are just looking for food. The category is horror so that means that people can and often do due die.
yemto Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yea, That was my bad not looking at the categories.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it happens, this story is actually really really good and it actually inspired me to becoming a cocooning artist and writer.
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