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Judy was a beautiful young woman with a style all her own. Day in, and day out her eccentric personality would show through her outfits and hair. The young woman tended to shy away from people, keeping to herself and spending time with her "garden" which consisted of the many plants that populated the forest behind her home. This was what made her happy.

It was on a bright summer day, when Judy made her way down her porch and into the woods. her hot pink hair was cut short, hanging down only to about mid neck with a flower hairband holding her bangs away from her face. Her eyebrows had even been dyed to match in color. She wore a pair of light blue, framed glasses upon her face, the rather large lenses accentuating her grey-green eyes. Her lips were painted a deep pink, causing them to stand out against her pale skin, and dark eye shadow over both her eyelids made her wide, doe-like eyes much more piercing. But, the most eye catching piece of her ensemble... was her shimmering, green, silk dress. The material clung to her body, following the rather boisterous curves of her hips and breasts. It ended midway down her thigh, revealing most of her legs, and a pair of sleeves flared toward the cuffs, giving her an almost elf-like, or fairy-like appearance. No one could argue, that although the outfit was rather... unique... it showed off every single one of her good aspects. One could say that, today, Judy looked the same as she

The "garden" behind her home was large and dense, and held a thick canopy of leaves that shielded the forest floor from the unrelenting summer heat. She was a lucky woman to have such a free flowing silken dress too, for even in the shade of the canopy the summer humidity filled the air around her, creating a haze of mist.

The silky dress did allow for some reprieve, however, as the cool breeze of the forest wafted around her ankles and up her legs, tickling the more illustrious parts of her body and providing a much needed draft of coolness to combat the heat. As she pranced through the forest without a care in the world, her fairytale-esque dress flowed in the wind, slowly ebbing and weaving with the slightest gust of air.

The forest floor was cool and damp with the moisture from the morning dew. The soft blades of grass and tufts of weeds felt like a natural shag carpet on the soles of her feet. It was a heavenly feeling to be in her garden, it gave her the privacy to just enjoy herself and become one with nature.

The only downside of summertime, was that amidst the loud calls of birds returning from their winter homes, there too was a heavy buzz of insect swarms. Flies, mosquitoes, bees, beetles, all of which were heard and seen as they flew through the air or crawled upon branches chewing at Judy's plants. The moist summer air brought out the worst, most vile of insect creatures from their hovels.

Regardless, Judy made her way deeper into the forest and away from view of her home. She had been through these parts often, thus a return trip would be easy. Fortunately for the lovely woman, the amount of insects seemed far less this year compared to years previous. Every so often she would see a rogue cicada fly passed, or she would hear the high pitched buzzing of a mosquito in her ear, but for the most part it seemed quite calm.

Had it been due to the abnormally cold winter they had previously gone through? She pondered this to herself, until she rounded the trunk of one of the many massive trees that littered her garden and found the true reason.

Her illustrious garden was meshed within dew covered spiderwebs that stretched out as far as her eye could see. They glistened in the light of the sun overhead, making the ground appear to be covered in shimmering diamonds. Judy was in shock, and yet in complete awe at the sight.
Judy had seen spawning of spiders before, but nothing to this degree. Each web had a well fed host verifiable by the sheer number of tiny cocoons that littered the area. She tiptoed around the webs, making sure not to disturb their local residents, moving along the path she would normally walk. She gazed out at the expanse of webs. If not for the dewy drops of condensation upon them the webs would have been barely visible against the green grass. She shuddered at the thought of the insects caught in these webs. they wouldn't even have a chance to react to the invisible net before they were helplessly ensnared.

Judy had seen blooms of spiders before, but only on television. Could this be the reason for everything? It couldn't have been. The weather conditions hadn't been proper for this kind of mass spawning.

Most spiderwebs had a very delicate, silky look to them with wispy threads, but that wasn't the case with these webs. Amidst the fibers there were cords of silk easily the width of a piece of yarn or even as large as electrical power cables! This was unlike anything she'd seen before.

The further she tiptoed into the spider webbed forest, the quieter things became. It wasn't just that the webs were muffling the sound of the wind and rustling leaves, but there was an extreme absence of animal or insect sounds as well. Instead, all around her were shriveled up cocoons ranging from inch sized bug cocoons to the size of small rats. Pretty normal all things considered. Small and medium sized insects and even small rodents getting ensnared in the webs was nothing new, however... The further in she moved, the larger the cocoons became until Judy found herself face to face with a massive cocoon, a racoon tail sticking predominantly out the bottom...

The young woman had never seen anything like this before. It was terrifying while at the same time morbidly intriguing. Slowly she moved toward the hanging raccoon, egged on by a strange curiosity.

As she got closer, and squinted to look at the shriveled remains, she heard an audible, sticky squish. She looked down to see that her foot (all the way to her ankle) was caught up in a thick mesh of spiderwebs.

She groaned at her misfortune, and pulled her leg back, but the webbing held strong. It stretched upward with her leg, wrapping around her ankle. She could feel the silk strands tighten as more tension was put on them and unexpectedly, the silk began to pull back.

Judy's heart pound as she tugged harder and harder, but the more she pulled back, the more the webbing wanted to yank her foot to the floor. She took a deep breath, and in one swift move, she finally yanked it loose from the webbing that had ensnared her. She took a step back, making sure not to step in any more of those nasty webs. She Looked down at her foot and saw where the silk had clung to her. Massive strands all wound up in a sticky mess were still glued to her leg. She looked back to the hole in the web where her foot had been. These webs were strong... so much so that they could even trap a human's leg with such ease. Her brow furrowed at this thought as she stared back to the slowly listing raccoon husk. It was time to move on.

The silky strands on Judy's feet felt horrible. She could only describe the feeling as similar to stepping into a piece of freshly chewed gum or walking through a puddle of dried soda. It was disgusting. She paused for a moment and tried and peel away the sticky webbing on her foot, but it was tacked on like glue. No amount of tugging could get it off. Her hand had almost become stuck as she tried to pry it away.

Judy continued on, ignoring her own primal instinct to run, and instead was driven forward by her own morbid curiosity. The canopy of the forest already shrouded the land in shadow, but as the spiderwebs became denser and reached higher into the trees the sun's rays penetrated less and less, making it harder to see.

Judy came to a halt as she saw something up ahead. Here eyes had to be playing tricks on her. Up ahead there was a cocoon dangling from the branches overhead that was easily the size of a sleeping bag. It would have been unrecognizable had it not been for the large elk antlers sticking out one end of the cocoon. It was a huge, male stag hung up from the trees. The scene was like that from a horror movie.

Judy's eyes grew wide at the sight. A lump formed in her throat, and her knees began to shake. Judy had seen enough to know it was time to turn back. This was more than she could handle. An elk that size was easily as big as a human, and if it could be caught and strung up like a piece of meat... then Judy knew what could happen to her.

Her mind thought back to the trail that led here. How big were these spiders? Nothing the size of a simple orb weaver could do this, and even the largest spiders she'd ever heard of were only the size of dinner plates. This was beyond even that.

She turned to head back home. She had to call someone about this. What she saw here was on the verge of becoming an epidemic if she didn't stop it soon. Judy walked back over the trail she had come, stepping back and forth between the webs, but as she moved she noticed something... odd... some of the steps she made seemed unfamiliar. She stopped in a small clearing and looked about, trying to find her bearings using trees or landmarks that she recognized, but... with the webbing covering the entire canopy, her own garden had become a mystery to her. It was completely unfamiliar. It was then that she also took notice that the spiders had continued building, even as she wandered deeper in, covering most of the gaps which she had traveled through previously. Now she would have to find a completely different path home.

She saw another clearing, just a small jump away, and readied herself. She leapt forward, and landed in the small space. She sighed in relief, but it was short lived, as the ground gave way. She had jumped right onto an embankment overhanging a large, sizable drop, hidden by the webbing that covered the area. Her arms flailed about as she tried to keep her balance, but the soil beneath her feet betrayed the young woman, taking her down, and dropping her straight into a large mesh of webbing.

With pure gravity forcing her forward, Judy crashed straight through the first couple webs. Despite the initial webs breaking under her weight, they still clung to her form as she fell further into the ditch. She curled herself up into a ball, bracing for a hard hit, but instead... she found herself stopped by a springy sheet spread underneath her. It wobbled up and down, threatening to break just as the others before had, but instead, the web remained taught, finally coming to a halt, and leaving Judy stuck upon the indentation her plummet had created.

The springy sheet she rested upon felt like a foam mattress in that it conformed to her well rounded shape easily, but the mesh felt as if it was covered in glue. Big, viscous dropplets of the glue began to slide down into the depression where Judy lay. When the large globs reached her silk dress, they were immediately absorbed into the soft fabric and soaked through. Her once smooth and silky dress now clung to her entire body like sticky fly paper. The added weight from the droplets soaking her clothing and skin caused the sheet of sticky white material to sag down even further, causing even more droplets from the outer edge to slide down towards her. These sticky, globby, viscous droplets began to pool around her body when her dress could no longer soak up anymore. They clung to her skin and even the most rigorous of shaking couldn't get them off...the glue-like substance was coating her everywhere.

Judy twisted and writhed about, rolling onto her back. That proved to be a bad idea.... her arms stuck to the sheet almost immediately, and her back was sealed in place, leaving her staring up into the canopy overhead. She bucked her legs and tugged at her arms, causing the sheet to lift with them, before springing back into place.

Judy began to panic as small, feeble whimpers began escaping her throat. She knew where she was. She knew what sort of creature made a trap such as this. This was a spider's web, and one obviously meant for catching large prey much like that Elk she had seen earlier. The more she fought against the web, the more her body became entangled. Her hands were so gummed up with silk, that as she tried to spread her fingers, a thin film held them together, snapping them back into place. She screamed out at the top of her lungs, hoping beyond all hope that someone would hear her, but deep within her mind the girl knew that no one would come. These woods were dense and her voice would only travel so far.

Judy began to pant as her body was overcome with exhaustion. Her limbs were burning. She stopped for just a moment to rest them, letting her legs and arms lay flat, but that only managed to undo what little progress she had made.

Overhead a massive shadow began to stir, shifting back and forth, and stretching forth its many limbs as it shook itself awake from its midday nap. One of its legs lay upon a large silk thread, and as soon as something feel into its trap, vibrations rocked the creature awake, alerting it to the juicy prey below.

The large creature clicked its mandibles together greedily as it watched its prey below. The creature trapped in its web was a large one. Today it would feast well yet again. The large, hairy beast started to slowly descent from the canopy, its legs as thick as tree branches. Its dark, soulless eyes looked down upon Judy as its mandibles rubbed together. Vile, green venom dripped from the tips of its fangs.

Judy was forced to look up as it watched the massive animal crawl from its lair. Her screams caught in her throat, and her body was paralyzed by the fear she felt. Her limbs shivered, and her chest hurt as she paniced.

The gargantuan spider made its way closer and closer soon near enough that its own body hovered above the prey below. Its long legs spread out across the web, proping its body right overtop Judy's own. It leered over its prey, watching her squirm in its web.

Judy's silken dress clung to her body, exposing her generous curves quite well to the spider. She would be a delicious meal indeed, far better than the lean elk that it had feasted upon not long before. The large creature's spinneret began to spindle and weave its silky threads, which started to spray upon her feet like silly string.

Judy screamed aloud as the creature stood over her. Its massive girth was blocking almost all the light from above. A streaming hiss caught her attention and she looked down to its source. There she saw her feet and ankles being coated in the spider's silk. She tugged at her legs, but the webbing kept her extremities stuck firmly together. No matter how she tried, the webbing would not come loose, and she was practically surrounded on all sides by the creature's immense leg span.

The spider worked its hind legs in a systematic pattern, collecting sheets of the glistening silk from its spinnerets before gluing them to its prey. Each one worked in tandem, spooling the thread around her calves with ease. The feeling of the wet, sticky silk upon Judy's legs caused her to shudder as she continued to fight with all the strength she had left.

Slowly the silk began to grow and accumulate over her lower legs, tightening more and more until her feet wouldn't even move as separate entities. It quickly cooled and dried as it stuck to her form, turning a pale white that obscured her form beneath. The spider continued upward, weaving more and more silk over her knees, and then her thighs, wrapping her up like leftovers at thanksgiving dinner.

Judy knew deep down that all her struggling was in vain. Her body was ached all over from the sudden onslaught of stress upon her muscles. Her muscles throbbed and sweat pooled around her forehead. Judy was breathing heavily from both overexertion and the unrelenting fear that swept over her body. She felt the cold, sticky silk continue up from her thighs and to her stomach. It was the point of no return. Her legs were trapped, leaving her no way to run, even if she were able to break free from the massive sticky net below her.

The spider showed no emotion. To it, this was just its natural instinct of wrapping its prey. It continued to spindle more and more web weaving it across her chest and sizeable chest mounds.

A swift breeze blew through the canopy above causing something to snap. Judy saw as a large mass was sent hurdling down towards the two. A massive cocoon fell to the web, bouncing off the spider's back and landing jut to the side of the web. The sudden hit merely caused the spider to pause a moment before returning to its work.

Judy turned her head to cocoon's direction. She wished she hadn't, for what she saw made her heart sink. There she saw the remains of a bear's skull, sticking out just barely through the thick silken shroud.

If something that size and strength was no match for this creature, how would Judy escape? Judy could only submit to her utter horror and despair. The sudden feeling of wrapping reaching her neck and underarms brought her attention back to the creature above her.

The spider pulled Judy's arms up over her head with a pair of its own, as it continued to weave the wet, sticky silk over Judy's chin.

Judy managed to let out one final scream before her stunning pink lips were silenced by a sheet of silk wound over her mouth and around the back of her head. Her mouth hung open, still visible through the fresh, transparent silk, before a second and third wrapping sealed it into an opaque white. Judy's eyes showed her true terror as the spider wrapped over her nose and continued over her face and hair.

The silk, being so porous easily allowed Judy to breath in through her nose, even as her head was sealed fully within the cocoon. She thought upon this, wondering if it were a blessing... or a curse. She felt as her arms were wrapped over her head, sealing her now entirely within the shapely cocoon that lay wiggling upon the web.

The spider stepped back a moment, admiring its work, before plucking its prey from the web.It pulled her once again beneath its spinnerets for a final coating.

The creature spun her around in its grasp as its abdomen rocked back and forth, stretching the sticky burial shroud once more over its prey.

Judy's body was entirely immersed, the tightly spun cocoon clung to her every feature. She struggled beneath beneath the tightened bindings. Her hips and breasts swayed back and forth as, even now, she fought fruitlessly against the silk shroud. Her struggles were only met with a sickly creaking sound, like old leather being stretched and warped.

The large spider brushed aside the bear carcass tossing the spent meal from its web. With its hind legs it glued a tether to Judy's feet, before starting its ascent toward its lair high above. It climbed back up the silken line from which it had descended, carrying in tow its writhing and wiggling package.

Judy watched the world turn upside down. There was nothing she could do. She was trapped.

As the spider reached its lair it strung Judy up from the ceiling, adding a few more tethers to keep her from swinging her way free.

Judy wondered just how long she had left before the spider became hungry. She waited, hoping for rescue to come before the spider's deadly final bite.
Judy's Garden
It's been a while since I've posted any stories. This was one written up a few weeks ago and after some editing, I thought it was good enough to post. Hope you all enjoy it. :) 
Something Familiar 2: Arachnid (Part 2)
Part 2 of The Arachnid AU story. Still following the movie at this point, but it will soon be taking a turn. As Mercer fights against the arachnid's barage of silk, she only manages to entangle herself further. her hand getting stuck in place to her chest, and her body becoming so coated that her body beneath becomes shrouded by the many threads. She is pinned to the ground, the webs gluing her in place as the Arachnid comes near.

I'll post the links to the previous and next below as I finish them. 

Next: (TBA)
Miss Pink Mega-Pack
To purchase the pack follow the link here:…

This was a lot of fun to work on, but dang was it strenuous. This Picture was a commissioned sequel to the first Ms. Pink Picture I had ever drawn. But for this one I was hit with a bit of inspriation after the commissioner asked for a couple small variants of the image. So I decided... Why not make more? That small bit of more slowly evolved until I ended up with 43 variant pictures of a single image. I hope you all enjoy and let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite variation from the pack.
Not the Weirdest Thing You've Caught me Doing...

Tobi had hit the jackpot. It all happened one day while he was out and about, enjoying an evening to himself, when he was approached by a friendly skunkette. He was quite confused at first, wondering if the woman was talking to him, but on closer inspection of his surroundings, he seemed to be the only person present to address.

The curvaceous woman had blonde hair tinged with the slight silver of a well matured woman that hung passed her shoulders, the tips of which curved back upwards giving her a soft, voluminous quality. Her coat was smooth, and a large fluffy tail listed behind her pronounced rear. Indeed she was quite a looker, her immaculate bussom threatening to pop loose from her less than properly buttoned blouse, and a tight black skirt hugging the curves of her hips and thighs.

Tobi's lips turned to a giddy smile as he moved over, and offered her a seat next to his, which she gladly took. The two began to talk over a couple drinks, starting off with small, basic conversations before slowly beginning to escalate. After a few moments Tobi had given her his name, and in response, she, rather than outright giving up the information, asked him to call her by her by Mrs. Boobalickski.

Boobalickski... that name sounded familiar for some reason. Tobi thought to himself, before his thoughts moved to her suffix. Mrs. Boobalickski? Was she married? He asked her blatantly, his heart sinking a bit at the thought that the two couldn't do anything together without things getting... complicated.

Tobi looked at her confused, asking about her name. Was she married? If not, then why the name?

Mrs. Boobalickski waved her hand dismissively and smiled, telling him that it was ok. Boobalickski was her maiden name, and that her significant other wasn't around. Rather... she kept the title only as a means of maturity. After all, someone her age with a title like "Ms. Boobalickski" wouldn't seem nearly as proper.

Tobi sighed in relief. He wanted to believe that, and so his mind, in all its hormonal glory, believed her. After all, she did seem trustworthy.

As the two continued to talk, Mrs. Boobalickski brought up a question that quite shocked and surprised the unexpecting Tabby Cat. What kind of kinky things do you like to do in the bedroom?

The sudden question almost caused Tobi to spit up his drink, forcing him to hold it back. He gulped down what he could, his face turning red from embarrassment. Granted one of the reasons he was out tonight was indeed in hopes to have a little bit of fun that evening, but this had been one of the few times that his impromptu date had been the one to bring it up first. Neither had had a lick of alcohol even. Usually the Go-Getter girls would be trashed before asking such questions, to which Tobi would just leave them be.

He looked to Mrs. Boobalickski... and then back to his drink. He smiled softly and spoke to her in a stuttering voice, letting her know that it was quite "complicated."

This response, though, only egged Mrs. Boobalickski on. She moved in close to him, her bussom resting upon Tobi's shoulder as she tried to guess. Each time Tobi would shake his head no as she guessed wrong.

Finally, after some rather playful coaxing, the seductive temptress brought out his secret. Tobi leaned in close, his voice turning to a whisper as to not attract any attention.

He told her all... letting her know that he enjoyed a bit of bondage. In particular, he was quite intrigued by the act of mummification. As expected, Mrs. Boobalickski was quite shocked and a little confused. She'd heard of bondage of course, but what was this other world he spoke about.

Tobi tried explaining further telling the skunkette to imagine herself a small bug getting caught in a spider's web. The spider was indeed nature's bondage expert in a way. Its prey helpless and writhing about, completely at the mercy of the owner's of the snare. And when its prey is entangled enough, it comes down, and wraps its prey in an inescapable cocoon, sealing them up, and leaving them trapped for however long the spider wished before "usage".

Tobi went on, talking about how he'd used things like gauze wrapping or high quality saran wrapping in the past to wrap girls in the bedroom, allowing him to do whatever he wished within their boundaries. As his story came to a close he let out a sigh, expecting his date to leave, just as most others would after seeing that side of him.

He looked to her and, as was a pattern for that evening, her eyes were on him, a bit wider that usual and her posture leaned in closer, listening intently to him. A smiled crossed her painted lips. She had found that quite interesting. With a swift, bold movement, she grabbed Tobi by the arm, and stood him from his chair before asking if perhaps he would be up to have a trapped damselfly of his own that evening.

Tobi couldn't believe his ears. He couldn't respond as a lump had formed in his throat, and instead nodded to her.

He barely had enough time to throw the money on the table, before Mrs. Boobalickski had pulled him outside, and to her car. It was a rather nice one at that. Tobi wondered what exactly Mrs. Boobalickski did to afford such a luxury as he took a quick glance across the parking lot to his own clunker.

Mrs. Boobalickski insisted she drive him to her place, and after a small reluctant stint, Tobi agreed, and the two were off. it wasn't long before the two had reached their destination. Her home was a quaint suburban house, a bit on the large side, but nothing overly posh. The two made their way inside, and Mrs. Boobalickski asked Tobi to wait on the couch. Tobi did as instructed, looking about the room at the many artworks that Mrs. Boobalickski had acquired for her abode. He heard a rustling in the kitchen, followed by some footsteps down the hall, and a door closing. There was a silence for a few moments, before Tobi heard a call for him to come back.

He stood from the couch, and made his way down the hall to the semi ajar door. Slowly he cracked the door open and peered inside. His jaw nearly dropped to the floor at what he saw.

Mrs. Boobalickski lay on her bed, her form covered in nothing but thin, translucent lingerie. Her bra and panties pink in colour, but with a spider web pattern stitched into the fabric. Strapped to her back were a pair of lady bug wings one would find on a Halloween costume, and to top it all off, she was adorned with a headband with two fluffy tipped antennae bobbing about.

She giggled at Tobi's reaction, almost teasing him over it. She told Tobi that she had bought the lingerie a few years back from the well known Lingerie shop “Gloria's Secret” during their spook-tacular sale around Halloween, while the ladybug bits she'd found from an old costume she had laying about in the closet.

Tobi's eyes trailed over to the edge of the bed, where he saw a small stack of a few rolls of Saran wrap. His excitement peaked, his hair standing on end. He couldn't believe this was happening.

Mrs. Boobalickski motioned for him to come over to her. It was time to “claim his prey”.

He didn't pause for a second, and in a flash of gray, he hopped into bed with her, the two starting their little... session.

Tobi was quite impressed by how into it Mrs. Boobalickski seemed to be. She was a pro at bedroom roleplay, even wiggling about and playing the helpless damsel in distress as he teased her.

Tobi grabbed one of the rolls from the edge of the bed, and began to stretch it over the lovely woman's form. The sticky material crinkled as it pulled apart, and stuck rather well as he wound it around and around the form of the skunkette.

At first Mrs. Boobalickski denied that the wrap would be able to hold her, and tried to wiggle as daintily as she could to keep from ripping the plastic. But... as the layers grew, and became tighter over her form, she found that they in fact were quite a bit stronger than they appeared. She pulled her arms and legs, but found that the wrapping was more than able to hold her tight, effectively binding her. This was quite the surprise... who knew she had a form of bondage right in her kitchen?

The transparent plastic weaved over her form, slowly building up, until it created an opaque sheen over Mrs. Boobalickski's body. Tobi had left her bussom uncovered, allowing her not only to breath a bit easier, but also not to deny him access later to her endowed chest.

Tobi was nearly finished with his second roll, when a noise caught his attention, causing his ears to perk up.

There was the sound of a door closing outside...

Tobi's heart sank, and his body went numb as he heard the clear indication that someone had just entered the house. His body shook in fear. Was Mrs. Boobalickski lying earlier? This didn't bode well for him.

Tobi's panic was only exacerbated as Mrs. Boobalickski stated something under her breath about how “She thought she'd be alone that evening” and “They came home earlier than she was anticipating”.

Tobi watched in horror as the doorknob twisted, and it swung open.

Tobi was half expecting to be decked in the face immediately by some big, Burly man. In his mind... this was most likely the end, or at least this encounter would leave him hospitalized. That would not happen, though, as when he paused to look, he instead saw another woman standing there. A far younger woman, roughly the same age as he.

The woman, another tall skunkette but with a fashion sense far more akin to punk rock, facial piercings and all, stood there with just as shocked an expression as Tobi had.

The skunkette paused a moment, looking to Mrs. Boobalickski, and then back to Tobi. An expression of confusion overcame her, when she suddenly blurted Tobi's name straight to him in a questioning manner.

Tobi paused a moment, looking the newcomer up and down. That's when he realized he too knew this girl, of course... last he saw her she had a much different hairstyle. It was longer, and dyed a raven black. He called her name back, confirming both their suspicions. It was an old acquaintance from his younger, high school years, Ess.

It was at that moment that the gears in his head began to move. He looked to the roll in his hand, and then to the beautiful woman wrapped in a cocoon of saran wrap on the bed. Was... was this Ess's mother? The same one that he could even recall his parents calling to babysit for him when he was in elementary?

It was indeed the case as Ess turned to her mother and shouted a small cloud of expletives at her, asking her what the fuck she thought she was doing.

Mrs. Boobalickski turned to Tobi, and then back to her daughter and shrugged her shoulders before speaking...

"Let's be honest, Sweetie... this isn't the weirdest thing you've caught me doing..."


From the stories I've heard and seen she's not lying. Lol. I had so many good captions that could've gone with this, it was hard to choose just one.

This one was another old picture I had in the works, and on the heels of MILF Appreciation Day this past Sunday, I thought "why not finish it."

Hope you all enjoy it, and thank you again to :iconzaftigbunnypress: for letting me draw their lovely character Mrs. Boobalickski. Always a fan of his girls, especially sexy, mature woman with a bit of a naughty streak.

Tobi (c) myself
Mrs. Boobalickski & Ess (c) :iconzaftigbunnypress:

Totally trapped
This was something I had started work on over a year ago. Originally I was debating whether I was brave enough to take this picture to get signed by the voice actresses, but... I chose against that, and brought the other one instead. In this one it looks like the girls have found themselves shrunken and caught up by one of the many hazards of the backyard. Not sure who could've done such a dastardly deed, but knowing some of the villains, I'm sure they could've come up with a shrink ray, right?

Finished working on this probably a couple months ago, but just now remembered I'd forgotten to post it.

Totally Spies (c) Marathon Media
Hello everyone. Just coming on to let everyone know I'm sorry I haven't posted very much recently. In the past few months a lot has been changing during my life, and I've just been unable to get anything posted. I have a few projects being worked on, and hopefully I'll have them posted soon. Until then though, I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays, and Here's to a good new year.


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